Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Fall Songs"

                                 Playlist:  9/23/12
When Summer Is Gone -Tex Beneke & his Orch w/Garry Stevens-voc-'47
When Summer Is Gone -Arthur Rosebury & his Kit-Kat Dance Orch -'29
Now That Summer Is Gone - Sterling Young & his Orch -'36
Goodbye To Summer -Carroll Gibbons & his Savoy Orpheans w/Anne Lenner-'38
Trees -Eddie Harkness & his Orch w/Harold Dana -'28
Willow Tree -Mildred Bailey & her Alley Cats -'35
In The Shade of The New Apple Tree -Bob Crosby Orch-'37
Like A Leaf In The Wind -Tommy Dorsey w/Stuart Foster-voc-'44
Maple Tree Rag -New Orleans Feetwarmers -'32   (w/Sidney Bechet)
Lullaby Of The Leaves -Roy Fox Band w/Al Bowlly -'32
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? -Nick Lucas -'25
I Found My Yellow Basket -Ella Fitzgerald w/Chick Webb Orch -'38
Red Wagon -Teddy Grace w/Lou Holden & his Disciples of Rhythm -'40
Shine On Harvest Moon -Boswell Sisters w/Dorsey Brothers -'32
Tis' Autumn -Dick Todd w/Leonard Joy Orch -'41
When Autumn Leaves Are Fallin' -Merritt Brunies & his Friars Inn Orch w/Lew
Autumn In  New York -Richard Himber & his Ritz-Carlton Hotel Orch w/Joey Nash-'34
Autumn Nocturne -Claude Thornhill -'41
In Sweet September -Al Jolson -'20
September In The Rain -Rhythm Wreckers w/Pauline Byrne-voc -'37
September Song -Delta Rhythm Boys -'47
Rain On The Roof -Jack Hylton w/J. Pat O'Malley-'32
Rain Rain Go Away -Anson Weeks' Mark Hopkins Hotel Orch w/Rhythm Masters Trio-'32
Stormy Weather -Paul Tremaine & his Orch -'33
October Twilight -Frankie Carle w/Nan Wright-voc-'47
Fallin' Leaves -Glenn Miller Orch w/Tex Beneke-'40
London On A Rainy Night -Teddy Joyce w/Jack Plant-voc-'34

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Pick- A- Number"

                     Playlist:  9/16/12

Take A Number From One To Ten -Jimmie Grier & his Orch -'34
Public Melody Number One -Louis Armstrong -'37
One, Two, Button Your Shoe -Jack Hylton w/Swingtette -'36
One-Two-Three O'Leary -Mitchell Ayres & his Orch w/Vaughn Monroe & Ann Mercer -'41
My Cutey's Due At Two-To-Two Today -Ted Weems w/Parker Gibbs -'26
Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed -Monette Moore w/Her Swing Shop -'36
Two Of Us -Frank Black & his Orch -'26
Three On A Match -Paul Whiteman w/Red McKenzie -'32
Four Walls -Johnny Johnson & his Statler Pennsylvanians -'26
Four Or Five Times -Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch  w/Noone & Joe Poston-'28
I've Got Five Dollars -Emil Coleman Orch w/Smith Ballew -'31
Mr. Five By Five -Ella Mae Morse w/Freddie Slack Orch -'42
Five Guys Named Moe -Ray Ellington Quartet -'48  (Ray-voc)
Six Lessons From Madame LaZonga -Jimmy Dorsey w/Helen O'Connell -'40
Seven Come Eleven -Dolly Kay -'23
Eight Little Notes - Dick Jurgens orch w/Eddy Howard- '37
Nine Little Miles From Ten-Ten-Tennessee - Smith Ballew & his Orch -'30
Ten Cents A Dance -Ruth Etting -'30
Twenty Swedes Ran Through The Weeds -Reser's Six Jumping Jacks w/Tom Stacks-'30
$21 A Day -Tony Pastor & his Orch -'41
Twenty-Four Hours A Day -Billie Holiday w/Teddy Wilson Orch -'35
A Thousand Dreams Of You -Mildred Bailey w/Red Norvo Orch -'37
Ten Thousand Years Ago -Ted Lewis & his Orch -'33
Forty Thousand Thrushes -Rhythmic Troubadors w/Fred Douglas -'29
Never In A Million Years -Bing Crosby w/Jimmy Dorsey Orch -'37
I Found A Million Dollar Baby -Paul Specht Orch w/Johnny Morris -'31
Twenty Million People -Harold White Orch w/Paul Small -'33
Fifty Million Nickels -Charlie Barnett w/Fred Leary -'41
I Wanna Count Sheep -Les Reis & Artie Dunn -'32

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Dreamy Ditties"

                                      Playlist:   9/9/12

Afraid To Dream - Benny Goodman w/Betty Van -'37
Don't Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream - Bob Haring & his Orch -'25
Sally Of My Dreams -Earl Burtnett & Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orch -'28
Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me -Johnny Johnson's Statler Pennsylvanians
w/Franklyn Baur -'28
Jeanine, I Dreamed Of Lilac Time -Gene Austin -'28
If Dreams Come True -Ella Fitzgerald w/Chick Webb Orch -'36
Street Of Dreams -Frank Sinatra w/Tommy Dorsey -'42
You Can't Make Money Dreaming -Nat 'King' Cole & Johnny Mercer -'47
Dreamer's Holiday -Perry Como w/Fontaine Sisters -'49
Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat -Ink Spots -'41
Dreamin' -Al Bowlly w/Ronnie Munro Orch -'40
All I Do Is Dream Of You -Henry Hall & B.B.C. Dance Orch w/Les Allen -'34
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? - Bertini & Blackpool Tower Dance w/Sam
Browne -'34
I Dream Of Brownie With the Light Blue Jeans -Spike Jones w/Carl Grayson &
the Barefoot Pennsylvanians -'46
I Drempt I Dwelt In Marble Halls -Larry Clinton w/Bea Wain -'38
The Dreamer In Me -Harry James w/Helen Humes -'38
When I Go A-Dreamin' -Benny Goodman w/Martha Tilton -'38
Dreaming Out Loud -Artie Shaw w/Martha Tilton -'40
Was It A Dream? -Abe Lyman's California Orch w/Frank Sylvano -'28
When My Dreams Come True -Hal Kemp w/Skinnay Ennis -'29
I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All? -Bing Crosby w/Paul Whiteman Orch- '29
Dreamin' Of A Castle In the Air -Ray Miller Orch-'26
Dream Kisses -Ipana Troubadors w/Scrappy Lambert -'28
Dreaming The Hours Away -Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings -'28
My Dream Book Of Memories -Ted Dahl & his Orch w/Stuart Hamblen -'31
Dream A Little Dream Of Me -Frankie Carle w/Gregg Lawrence -'47
Dream -Pied Pipers -'45
I'll See You In My Dreams -Cliff Edwards -'30

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Swingin' Labor Day"

Playlist: 9/2/12
Gotta Go To Work Again-Tommy Dorsey w/Three Esquires-'36
Danger, Love At Work! -Louis Prima & his New Orleans Gang-'37
Nice Work If You Can Get It -Fred Astaire w/Johnny Green-'38
Whistle While You Work -Larry Clinton w/Bea Wain-'37
Charlie Was A Sailor -Lionel Hampton w/Douglas Daniels-'40
G. I. Jive -Woody Herman & his Orch-'44
Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer -Song Spinners '43
Tell It To The Marines -Kay Kyser-'41
Red Cap -Louis Armstrong -'36
Tuscaloosa Bus -Wingy Manone, Johnny Mercer & Pied Pipers-'47
Dusky Stevedore -Thelma Terry & her Boy Friends- '28
Iceman -"Big" Joe Turner w/Sam Price-p-'41
Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet- Squadronaires w/Beryl Davis-'44
Dan The Elevator Man -Harry Reser & Six Jumping Jacks w/Tom Stacks-'30
One Man Band -Fred Rich & his Orch w/Roundtowners Quartet-'31
I Gotta Get Up And Go To Work -Irving Aaronson & his Commanders w/Dick Robertson-'33
Water Faucet -Jimmie Lunceford w/Joe Thomas-'47
Electrician Blues -Lizzie Miles-'30
Andy The Handy Man -George Formby-'42
A Farmer's Life Is A Very Merry Life -Jerry Colonna-'46
Timber -Jerry Cooper & his Orch-'36 (Eddy Duchin)
Just Like In A Story Book -Ambrose w/Sam Browne-'30
Paper Boy -Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five-'45
Garbage Man (Call Of The Freaks)-Harlem Hamfats-'36
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief -Les brown w/Butch Stone-'46
Cop On The Beat, The Man In The Moon And You- Arden-Ohman Orch w/Frank Luther-'32
I Want The Waiter With The Water- Harry Roy & his Orch-'40
Four Winds And The Seven Seas -Sammy Kaye w/Tony Alamo & Kaye Choir-'49

Friday, August 31, 2012

" Collegiate Days"

                               Playlist  8/26/12

School Days -Johnny Mercer & Pied Pipers -'49
College Swing -Judy Garland -'38
College Stomp -Phillippe Brun & his Swing Band -'37
College Rhythm -Jimmie Grier w/Three Cheers -'34
Teacher (How I Love My Teacher) - Louis Jordan & Tympany Five -'41
An Apple For The Teacher - Charlie Barnet w/Larry Taylor -'39
Teacher's Pet -Dick Robertson & his Orch -'38
You're An Education -Larry Clinton w/Bea Wain -'38
You Don't Learn That In School -Louis Armstrong -'47
Who Taught You That -Radiolians w/Willie Lewis' Entertainers -'32
Collegiana -Waring's Pennsylvanians w/Tom & Fred Waring-'28
Yale Blues -Emerson Gill & his Bamboo Garden Orch w/Pinkey Hunter -'28
Prep Step -Jesse Stafford & his Orch -'29
Varsity Drag -Zelma O'Neal -'27
You Gotta Be A Football Hero -Ben Bernie w/Manny Prager -'33
Football -Abe Lyman's California Orch w/Phil Neely-'30
Ten Yards To Go -Ted Weems w/Parker Gibbs -'34
Cross-Eyed Kelly -Joe Haymes w/Cliff Weston-'34
I Love The College Girls -Happiness Boys -'27
Hoosier Sweetheart -Ben Selvin -'27
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi -Tommy Dorsey w/Three Esquires -'38
Freddy The Freshman -Gene Kardos w/Dick Robertson -'31
Freshman Hop -Jack Pettis & his Pets w/Elwin McGee -'28
Sophomore -Andy Kirk & his Twelve Clouds Of Joy w/Dick Robertson-'30
Sophomore Prom -Cliff Edwards -'29
Don't Get Collegiate -Buddy Morgan & his Veterans - '29
Sam The Leader Man -Hoosier Hot Shots -'39
White Star Of Sigma Nu -California Ramblers w/Cliff Wetterau -'35
"Mighty Oregon" (U of O Fight Song) -Jimmie Grier -'37
Man In The Moon -Glenn Miller w/Ray Eberly -'41

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Dietz & Schwartz"

                                     Playlist - 8/19/12

Dancing in the Dark -Artie Shaw -'41
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan -Rudy Vallee & Connecticut Yankees -'32
Something To Remember You By -Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble w/Paul Small -'30
Lucky Seven -Jacques Renard & his Orch w/Irving Kaufman -'30
I Love Louisa -Smith Ballew & his Orch -'31
Hoops! -Fred & Adele Astaire w/Leo Reisman Orch -'31
White Heat -Fred Astaire w/Leo Reisman -'31
New Sun In The Sky -Fred Astaire w/Leo Reisman -'31
High And Low -Ambrose Orch w/Sam Browne -'31
Sweet Music -Fletcher Henderson w/Dick Robertson -'31
Dancing In The Dark -Bing Crosby w/Brunswick Orch -'31
Shine On Your Shoes / Louisiana Hayride- Monette Moore w/Fats Waller-p-'32
Alone Together -Leo Reisman Orch w/Frank Luther -'31
Two-Faced Woman -Hal Kemp w/Skinnay Ennis-'32
A Rainy Day -Clifton Webb w/Leo Reisman orch -'32
You And The Night And The Music -Libby Holman w/Richard Himber Orch -'34
Born To Be Kissed -Ramona w/Paul Whiteman Orch -'34
Hottentot Potentate -Ethel Waters w/Russell Wooding Orch -'35
Got A Brand New Suit -Louis Armstrong -'35
Love Is A Dancing Thing -Charlie Kunz & His Casani Club Orch w/George Barclay-'36
Thief In The Night -Fats Waller -'35
I See Your Face Before Me -Mildred Bailey & his Orch -'38
You Have Everything -Glen Gray Orch w/Pee Wee Hunt -'37
Triplets -Danny Kaye w/Johnny Green Orch -'47
Rhode Island Is Famous For You -Alice Faye -'48  (broadcast)
Something To Remember You By -Buddy Clark -'48

Monday, August 13, 2012

Playlist 8/12/12


Louisiana -Count Basie -'39
Louisiana -Van & his Half-Moon Bay Orch w/Jerry White -'28
Louisiana Hayride -Boswell Sisters w/Dorsey Brothers- '32
Louisiana Fairy Tale -Fats Waller -'35
Louisiana Swing -Luis Russell -'30
Louisiana Hop -Douglas Williams & his Orch -'30
Louisiana Bo-Bo -Georgia Cotton Pickers -'30
Magnolia -Johnny Marvin -'27
Magnolias In The Moonlight -Billy Thorburn Orch w/Helen Raymond -'36
Roll On Mississippi, Roll On -"Snooks" Friedman & his Memphis Stompers -'31
Mississippi Basin -Guy Lombardo & Royal Canadians -'28
Lazy 'Sippi Steamer -Louis Armstrong
Chloe (Song Of The South) -Henry "Red" Allen & his Orch -'36
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans -Jimmie Noone & his New Orleans Band -'36
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans -Princes Dance Orch w/Irving Kaufman- '22
Sadie Green (Vamp Of New Orleans) -Ole Olsen & his Orch w/John Ryan -'26
New Orleans -Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orch -'32
New Orleans Twist -Gene Gifford Orch -'35
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? -Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday
Mardi Gras In New Orleans -Professor Longhair & His Shufflin' Hungarians -'49
While We Danced At The Mardi Gras -Dick Robertson & His Orch -'37
South Rampart Street Parade -Bob Crosby -'37
Cabin In The Cotton -Johnny Hamp & His Orch -'33
You Are My Sunshine -Gene Autry -'41
Louisiana Lullaby -George Olsen & His Music w/Ethel Shutta -'33